West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Nestled between the hustle of Detroit and the tranquility of Michigan’s lakes, West Bloomfield Township is a unique patchwork of cultural diversity and natural beauty. Can you imagine the charm of living in a place where you can enjoy an outdoor adventure at the West Bloomfield Woods Nature Preserve in the morning, and indulge in a rich multicultural culinary journey by evening? The township’s schools are known for their excellence, and there’s a vibrant community spirit that’s hard to match. Curious to know more about what makes West Bloomfield Township such a special place to live, work, and play?

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West Bloomfield Township, Michigan: What is West Bloomfield known for?

West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, is particularly known for its abundance of small and medium-sized lakes, making it the ‘lake township’ of Oakland County. Its rich cultural heritage, including a significant Jewish population, also sets it apart.

Being the home to several beautiful bodies of water such as Cass Lake, Pine Lake, and Orchard Lake, you’d find the township offers a serene environment that’s hard to resist. You’ll notice that the private country clubs around Pine Lake and Orchard Lake are prominent features that add to the township’s charm.

When you take a look at the geographical layout, the township spans approximately 45 square miles and is a part of the Detroit metropolitan area. It’s interesting to note that West Bloomfield surrounds four lakes: Orchard Lake, Upper Straits Lake, Pine Lake, and Walnut Lake. You’d find Westacres, an unincorporated community, nestled within the township at Keith and Commerce Roads.

Education is given utmost importance in West Bloomfield with educational institutions like West Bloomfield High School, Frankel Jewish Academy, and St. Mary’s Preparatory contributing significantly to the community. The township is served by various school districts, each offering quality education and programs.

In terms of demographics, the 2010 Census reported a population of over 64,000, showcasing a diverse mix of Arab, Chaldean, Middle Eastern, and Japanese communities. The majority of residents are homeowners, indicating a stable community.

In West Bloomfield, culture and religion are deeply respected, with the township having the largest Jewish population in Michigan. Various cultural events and activities hosted in the area further enrich its cultural heritage.

West Bloomfield Township, Michigan: Is West Bloomfield Michigan a good place to live?

Given all these unique attributes, you might be wondering if West Bloomfield Michigan makes for a desirable place to live. Rest assured, there are several factors that make it a great residential choice.

Firstly, West Bloomfield is known as the lake township of Oakland County, boasting numerous small and medium-sized lakes. This provides you with a scenic and tranquil environment, perfect for a relaxed lifestyle. Moreover, the township is part of the bustling Detroit metropolitan area, giving you access to all the amenities of a big city.

The township prides itself on its commitment to education. Notable institutions such as West Bloomfield High School, Frankel Jewish Academy, and St. Mary’s Preparatory provide quality education. There’s also the West Bloomfield Township Public Library that serves the community, ensuring you have access to resources for lifelong learning.

West Bloomfield is diverse, with a 2010 population of over 64,000 people comprising various ethnic communities. This diversity contributes to a rich cultural experience, making it a welcoming place for all. The majority of residents are homeowners, indicating a stable community.

The area’s religious diversity is reflected in its institutions, with the largest Jewish population in Michigan and several Catholic Churches under the Archdiocese of Detroit. The region also boasts a rich Jewish and ethnic Iraqi heritage, hosting various cultural events and activities.

West Bloomfield Township, Michigan: What is the median income in West Bloomfield Michigan?

Looking at the financial aspect, you’ll find that the median household income in West Bloomfield Michigan, as of 2007, was $98,832, and for families, it was $113,191. This figure surpasses the national median and depicts a financially stable and affluent community. It’s worth noting that these numbers have likely increased over the last decade due to economic growth and inflation.

However, income is just one aspect of economic health. It’s important to consider the cost of living, which includes housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, and healthcare. West Bloomfield, with its high-quality amenities and services, tends to be more expensive than the national average. Yet, when you take into account the higher median income, you’ll find that many residents comfortably manage these costs.

Additionally, the township has a low poverty rate, with only 1.6% of families and 2.7% of the population falling below the poverty line in 2007. This low poverty rate, combined with the high median income, suggests a relatively low level of income inequality.

You should also consider the job market in West Bloomfield. The township is home to a wide range of businesses and industries, providing a variety of employment opportunities for residents. The unemployment rate is typically lower than the national average, indicating a robust and resilient economy.

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West Bloomfield Township, Michigan: Is West Bloomfield a suburb of Detroit?

Yes, you’re absolutely right if you’re thinking that West Bloomfield is a suburb of Detroit. Situated in the Oakland County of Michigan, West Bloomfield Township is an affluent charter township that borders Detroit’s metropolitan area. It’s a mere 10 miles northwest of the city, making it easily accessible for those commuting to Detroit for work, entertainment, or other activities.

Part of the larger Detroit–Warren–Dearborn metropolitan statistical area, West Bloomfield is home to a diverse and dynamic population. It’s a bustling suburb that offers a distinct blend of city life and suburban charm. With its prime location, residents enjoy the tranquility of suburban living and the convenience of proximity to the city.

West Bloomfield boasts a rich cultural heritage, a high standard of living, excellent educational institutions, and a vibrant community life. As a suburb, it reflects the economic vitality of the Detroit area, while maintaining its unique identity. The township’s scenic beauty, with numerous small and medium-sized lakes, adds to its appeal and differentiates it from other Detroit suburbs.

The connection between West Bloomfield and Detroit extends beyond geography. The two areas share economic ties, with many residents working in Detroit’s thriving industries. Likewise, Detroit’s influence can be seen in the cultural, social, and economic life of the suburbs.

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West Bloomfield Township, Michigan: Local neighborhoods and area codes

Diving into the local scene of West Bloomfield Township, you’ll find a diverse array of neighborhoods each boasting their unique charm and distinct area codes. The township is divided into different communities, each with its own distinct character and vibe. You’ll find upscale neighborhoods like Orchard Lake Village and Bloomfield Village, where beautiful homes are nestled along the shores of sparkling lakes.

In these neighborhoods, you’ll often come across the area code 248 which is primarily associated with Oakland County. The area code reflects the region’s position in the metropolitan Detroit area and helps to connect residents and businesses alike.

Moving on to Westacres, an unincorporated community known for its quaint charm and serene lake views, you’ll encounter the same 248 area code. Westacres is well-loved for its tight-knit community feel and connection to nature, making it a popular choice for families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Then there’s the neighborhood surrounding Pine Lake, another residential area that carries the 248 area code. Pine Lake is known for its private country club and the luxurious homes that line its shores.

Whether you’re exploring the upscale neighborhoods of Orchard Lake Village or the peaceful community of Westacres, you’ll find that each has a unique charm and identity. The area codes, though uniform across the township, serve as a constant reminder of the interconnectedness of these diverse communities. So, as you navigate through West Bloomfield Township, remember that each area code and neighborhood carries its own unique story and charm, contributing to the rich tapestry of this vibrant township.

West Bloomfield Township, Michigan: Zip Codes


West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, a picturesque and thriving suburban community in the Detroit metropolitan area, is known for its beautiful lakes, upscale neighborhoods, and excellent schools. Here’s a comprehensive list of zip codes that define different areas within West Bloomfield Township:


  • Zip Code 48322: This zip code covers the central area of West Bloomfield Township, including residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, and parks. It’s a hub for family activities, dining, and offers a blend of suburban tranquility with modern amenities.
  • Zip Code 48323: Located in the western part of West Bloomfield Township, this zip code encompasses residential areas, schools, and local businesses. It’s perfect for families seeking a community-focused environment with access to quality education and recreational facilities.
  • Zip Code 48324: Covering the northern neighborhoods of West Bloomfield Township, this zip code includes access to outdoor recreational facilities and scenic lakes. It’s ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore the natural beauty of the region through activities like boating, fishing, and hiking.
  • Zip Code 48302: Situated in the eastern part of West Bloomfield Township, this zip code is known for its luxurious homes and proximity to Orchard Lake. It offers a mix of residential living and access to exclusive amenities, providing a serene and upscale environment.
  • Zip Code 48325: Located in the southeastern region of West Bloomfield Township, this zip code encompasses areas known for their strong community spirit, local events, and cultural attractions. It’s a vibrant area with bustling farmers’ markets, live music venues, and opportunities to engage with local artisans and craftspeople.


Explore West Bloomfield Township, Michigan, through its distinct zip codes, each offering a unique perspective on the community’s suburban charm, beautiful landscapes, and convenient amenities. Whether you’re visiting for leisure or considering making it your home, West Bloomfield Township invites you to experience its welcoming environment and dynamic community.

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