Clawson, Michigan

Drawing parallels to the classic feel of a Norman Rockwell painting, the city of Clawson, Michigan might just surprise you. Nestled cozily in the heart of the Detroit metropolitan area, it’s a city that’s often overlooked. But you’re not one to follow the crowd, are you? With an array of unique attractions, charming local eateries, and inviting parks, Clawson holds more than meets the eye. Yet, the question remains: What exactly makes Clawson a place worth experiencing? Let’s uncover the answer together, shall we?

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Clawson, Michigan: Is Clawson MI a good place to live?

You might be wondering if Clawson, Michigan is a good place to call home. Well, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no, but rather a series of factors you’d need to consider.

Firstly, let’s talk about the cost of living. Compared to the national average, Clawson’s cost of living is significantly lower, which means your dollar goes further here. That’s a pretty big perk, especially if you’re careful with your budget. However, it’s also important to note that the average income in Clawson is slightly below the national average. So, while things might be cheaper here, you might also be earning less.

One of the biggest draws to Clawson is its sense of community. It’s a small city with a population of just over 12,000, which means you’re likely to know your neighbors and have a real sense of belonging. The city’s calendar is filled with community events that bring residents together and foster a strong, tight-knit community.

Safety is another important factor when choosing a place to live. Clawson’s crime rates are lower than the national average, making it a safe place to raise a family or retire.

Education-wise, Clawson has some decent options. The public schools here are above average, and there’s also a community college nearby.

Clawson, Michigan: What Unique Attractions Await?

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Clawson, Michigan offers a variety of unique attractions to explore. This quaint suburban city tucked away in Oakland County is known for its small-town charm and a vibrant community vibe that’s hard to resist.

Have an affinity for history? You can’t miss the Clawson Historical Museum. It’s here where you’ll delve into the rich history of Clawson, reliving the city’s past through artifacts, vintage photographs, and more. The museum is situated in the beautifully preserved Hunter House, dating back to 1820.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Clawson Park is your perfect getaway. It’s a significant green space in the heart of the city, offering plenty of recreational activities. You’ll find sports fields, a mini water park, and a skate park. The park also hosts the city’s annual Fourth of July celebration, drawing a large crowd.

For those with a soft spot for shopping, downtown Clawson is a haven. It’s teeming with independent retailers, selling everything from antiques to designer wear. But what makes the experience unique is the warm, personal service you’ll receive from the shop owners.

Craving cultural experiences? The Clawson Theater is the city’s cultural hub, hosting a variety of performances throughout the year. It’s a great place to enjoy a night out, absorbing the local talent.

In Clawson, Michigan, there’s always something unique to discover, making it a delightful destination for all. Stay tuned for our next subtopic where we’ll explore the culinary delights of this charming town!

Clawson, Michigan: Explore the Culinary Delights of this Charming Town!

Now that we’ve covered some of the unique attractions in Clawson, let’s whet your appetite with the town’s delightful culinary scene. Clawson’s eateries offer a variety of cuisines that’ll satisfy your food cravings, be it American, Mexican or Italian.

Start your food journey with a visit to Old Port Inn, a local favorite. They’re known for their hearty breakfasts and all-American classics. If Mexican food is what you’re after, you can’t miss Mojave Cantina. Their tacos and margaritas are a hit among locals and visitors alike.

In the mood for pizza? Head over to Due Venti, which is famous for its delicious thin-crust pizzas and other Italian dishes. Don’t forget to leave some room for dessert, as the town is brimming with delightful bakeries. Auntie Dee’s Bakery, for instance, will tempt you with its array of mouth-watering pastries and cakes.

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, Clawson Steak House should be on your list. This old-school steakhouse has been serving prime cuts since the 50s and its vintage charm is a big part of its appeal.

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Clawson, Michigan: Discover Local Living

Dive right into the heart of Clawson, Michigan, where you’ll find a vibrant community that prides itself on its local living. This small city, nestled between Royal Oak and Troy, is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of small-town charm and modern amenities.

Experience the warmth and friendliness that Clawson is famous for. You’ll feel right at home as you stroll down the tree-lined streets, where you’ll find beautifully maintained homes, flourishing gardens, and neighbors who greet each other by name. It’s a place where people care about their community and make an effort to keep it looking its best.

Take a walk downtown, and you’ll find a variety of locally-owned shops and businesses, from quirky boutiques to cozy coffee shops. You’ll see the pride of the community reflected in the well-kept storefronts and the welcoming smiles of the business owners. The city’s commitment to supporting local businesses is evident in the thriving downtown area, giving you plenty of opportunities to shop and dine local.

Clawson is also known for its community events. Throughout the year, you’ll find a packed calendar of events that celebrate the city’s community spirit. From the annual Fourth of July parade to the popular farmers market, there’s always something going on to bring the community together.

Living in Clawson, Michigan, is about more than just residing in a city; it’s about being part of a close-knit community that values local living. So come, experience Clawson for yourself, and discover what makes this city truly special.

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Clawson, Michigan: What Parks and Recreational Spaces Await You?

In addition to its thriving local businesses and community events, Clawson boasts a variety of parks and recreational spaces that you’ll love to explore. For instance, you’ll find Clawson City Park, a 28-acre oasis complete with sports facilities, picnic areas, and a summer concert series that you won’t want to miss. There’s also Clawson’s Skate Park where you can show off your skills or just enjoy watching others.

If you’re a fan of outdoor adventures, you’ll adore Grant Park. It’s an ideal spot for hiking, bird watching, and even geocaching. You can catch a glimpse of Michigan’s natural beauty while getting in a solid dose of physical activity.

But that’s not all. For the little ones, Clawson offers Hunter Community Park. With its colorful playgrounds and open green spaces, it’s the perfect place for a family day out. And don’t forget about the community pool, where you can cool off during the hot summer months.

For a more tranquil experience, head over to Clawson Historical Museum’s beautiful garden. Here, you can stroll through well-maintained walkways, sit on a quiet bench, and soak in the serenity.

Clawson, Michigan: Zip Codes


Clawson, Michigan, a small city in Oakland County, is known for its friendly community, walkable downtown, and local events. Here are the zip codes that define different areas within Clawson:


  • Zip Code 48017: This zip code covers the entire area of Clawson, including residential neighborhoods, downtown businesses, and local parks. It’s a hub for community activities, offering a blend of suburban charm with convenient access to amenities.


Explore Clawson, Michigan, through its distinct zip code, which provides a unique perspective on the city’s close-knit community, vibrant downtown scene, and accessible lifestyle. Whether you’re visiting for leisure or considering making it your home, Clawson invites you to enjoy its welcoming atmosphere and active community life.


Clinton Township, Michigan: Zip Codes


Clinton Township, located in Macomb County, Michigan, is a bustling suburban area known for its residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, and community parks. Here’s a list of zip codes that define different areas within Clinton Township:


  • Zip Code 48035: This zip code covers the southern part of Clinton Township, including residential neighborhoods, local businesses, and community facilities. It’s a vibrant area with a mix of suburban living and commercial activities.
  • Zip Code 48036: Located in the central part of Clinton Township, this zip code includes residential areas, schools, and recreational amenities. It offers a balanced lifestyle with convenient access to schools and parks.
  • Zip Code 48038: This zip code covers the northern part of Clinton Township, encompassing upscale residential neighborhoods, golf courses, and shopping districts. It’s ideal for families and professionals looking for a suburban setting with modern amenities.


Explore Clinton Township, Michigan, through its distinct zip codes, each offering a unique perspective on the township’s diverse communities, recreational opportunities, and convenient amenities. Whether you’re visiting for leisure or considering making it your home, Clinton Township welcomes you to explore its vibrant neighborhoods and community-oriented environment.

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