At HUG Center, we provide customized services tailored to meet your child’s unique needs, with a range of therapies and programs to choose from. Our team of professionals collaborates to create comprehensive solutions that make a real difference in your child’s life, whether they require one type of therapy or a combination of different approaches. By working together, we can identify the right mix of therapies that fit seamlessly, like pieces of a puzzle, to ensure your child receives the best possible care and support.

Start your child’s growth journey

Let’s talk

We’ll welcome you with an initial conversation to learn about your child and answer any questions you have. If you need any of our covered services, we’ll request an authorization from your insurance plan.

Schedule an assessment

If you decide we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule an assessment with one of our licensed therapists. During this evaluation, we will learn more about your child’s strengths and challenges through interaction and observation.

We’ll develop a customized therapy plan

Our team of clinicians will collaboratively develop an individualized behavior therapy plan designed to teach your child coping strategies and the skills necessary to grow into their full potential.

Get ready for real progress

Our therapists will work with your child at HUG Center, or in the comfort of your home or school. In addition to a range of therapeutic services, learners can benefit from language, movement, art classes, and more.

We believe in the transformative power of a HUG.

HUG Center Language Programs in Detroit

Why HUG Center?

We take an innovative, multi-disciplinary approach to therapy for children with autism, ADHD, Down syndromeand other neurodevelopmental conditions

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Your child is at the center of everything we do. We develop individualized therapy programs designed around their strengths, interests and needs. Then we implement them in a safe, inclusive environment.
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Equitable Care

We offer equitable, ethical care and provide the highest standard of service. We treat all children with dignity and respect. Open communication and transparency are maintained in everything we do.
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We strive to create a neurodiversity-affirming environment. Instead of trying to “fix” differences, we focus on improving your child’s participation in daily routines in various community settings.
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Skilled Clinicians

We use a rigorous hiring process to attract only the most qualified professionals. Our team of trained, certified clinicians have the experience and expertise to propel your child’s development journey forward.
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We develop engaging tasks and fun activities that target your child’s goals. These are specifically formulated using evidence-based therapies to foster the development of existing and emerging skills.
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Collaborative Approach

Cross-disciplinary collaboration among our professionals is a cornerstone of our practice. Our clinicians work jointly with each other — and with your family — to develop truly personalized therapeutic plans.