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Feeding Therapy for Autism, ADHD and Special Needs

Our therapists will assess your child’s individual feeding difficulties and create a personalized plan to meet their unique needs. We integrate the expertise of our OTs, SLPs, and Registered Dieticians to provide a well-rounded approach to feeding therapy, ensuring that your child receives comprehensive and specialized support to promote healthy eating habits and positive nutrition. Our goal is to not only address your child’s feeding challenges but also empower your family with the tools and techniques needed to support your child’s enjoyment of mealtimes. We understand that feeding challenges can be stressful for families, and our team is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment to support your child’s feeding journey.

Areas of Growth

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Health and well-being

ABA Therapy Detroit Speech Therapy

Anxiety around food

ABA Therapy Detroit Speech Therapy


ABA Therapy Detroit Speech Therapy

Oral motor skills

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